About Theme

Television has been an open window to dreams in past years.
It has become the most sensationalized form of democracy, we all have the right to be entertained.
The stories have inspired us, the characters have created us and the idea has changed us.

Taarangan 2018 presents,

Live the dream, reinvent the drama and recall your good old days.
The Un - Idiot Box has arrived with an intent to entertain and enlighten this year as we take living legacy a step ahead.

About Taarangan

Taarangan is the most awaited intercollegiate festival celebrated annually by

for over a decade.
It has always been the highlight of our campus.
The Grandest Stage of Taarangan has served all the dreamers, believers & achievers from across the Mumbai.
It serves as a platform for young and budding collegians to showcase their talent.
Also, we have witnessed many glamorous faces from across the film and television industry.
Join the extravaganza, it's life itself in your lifetime.

Social Cause

Prime purpose of our annual Cultural intercollegiate festival is to bring out the aura of brethren and stir the atmosphere with hot competition.
This enables many talented youth to step up on their respective fields and bring it to a competitive zone,where It's tested against others in a positive manner.
We intend to do this Every year and gush a feeling of positivity, Excitement, joy and creating many memories whilst doing so