1. Unruly behavior, violence, offensive language, smoking in the premises and possession of cigarettes and drugs can lead to the disqualification of the contingent.

2. Consumption of intoxicants during events is strictly prohibited.

3. Students should report any mishap to the security head.

4. Anything that is perceived as being offensive to any national, religious linguistic sentiments or gender will lead to direct disqualification.

5. Carry valuables at your own risk.

6. Students are not allowed to carry any sharp objects like knives, scissors, blades, lighters etc. and inappropriate objects like alcohol, drugs and other such substances.

7. Vulgarity and obscenity in any form will not be tolerated.

8. Entry to the event venue will be allowed only on valid college ID cards.

9. Students should follow all the mentioned rules and regulations failing for which will lead to direct disqualification.